Several First Place Safari
Club International Bucks
Have  Been Harvested at
Buck Forest.
Food Plots Are Planted
Throughout The
Property Year Round.

Buck Forest is a trophy whitetail deer hunting club in the Low Country of South Carolina.
We are located in Colleton County on 3,222 acres of well managed natural forest
bordering Rice Patch Creek and the Salkehatchie River.
We operate as a lease with 17 yearly memberships, and we have on the property for
our member's to enjoy, a camp house w/bunks, telephone, camping areas w/RV water
& power hook up, and a complete cleaning station with a walk in cooler. Also on the
property we have a rifle sight in range. Our roads are well maintained and marked with
road signs. We have many different types of prime hunting terrains available for our
members to hunt at Buck Forest. We have creek bottoms, acorn producing hardwoods,
chops/clear cuts, food plots, swamps, mature pines, and select cuts.
Myself and my wife both love and respect the outdoors, we run this lease non profit,
with ethical hunters that enjoys good clean family fun, and with the added bonus of
some record bucks. This lease has been established and practicing Quality Deer
Management guidelines for over 22 years now. We are also on the SC State harvest
program, and our Doe tags are issued through the State on this program. At the end of
each season we summit our harvest records (with jaw bones) to our Biologist for study
& feedback. With an awesome track record "Buck Forest" looks forward to every year
being better than the year before. We are continually hard at work to make sure that we
aid our deer herd in every way possible. From food plots to mineral sites, roof covered
feeder stations and to fertilizing native forage, this
membership is  very active in making the environment
as rich as possible to sport as many deer per acre as it
can hold without over population. With proper QDM rules
in place, we assure our buck deer have the time and
nutrition needed to reach maturity before they are
harvested. When you combine the members with the
assigned rule's and everything working towards the
common objective of quality deer management,
you end up with a first class operation like Buck Forest.
"Working hard today so we can play tomorrow" is the
attitude of this lease and it is paying off with trophy
bucks being taken each season.
If anyone has any questions about Buck Forest, or if your interested in
a future membership with us, feel free to contact us.  Your welcome to use our
Membership Form that is located on our "Contact Us" Page of this web site.
We thank you for visiting our web site and we do hope that you enjoy it. Be sure to
check back for our updates and new pictures that I will be adding & changing at times
on our web site and in our photo album's.

The 2015 Buck Forest membership wish you all a safe and productive hunting season.

Emil & Sheryl Billitz
St. Augustine, Florida
Trophy Whitetail Deer Hunting  
In The Low Country Of South Carolina

Buck Forest enjoys one of
the longest whitetail deer
seasons in the country,
running from August 15 to
January 1. This allows you
the opportunity of harvesting
a buck in velvet.
Throughout the season you
can use the weapon of
choice: rifle, bow, crossbow,
pistol, shotgun or muzzle
loader; there is no set
season for types of
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